Wednesday, October 16, 2019

International Day of the Girl Child

What is the Celebration For?

International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on October 11th, highlighting the and drawing attention towards challenges that girls around the world face. Promotion of girl's empowerment is also important on this day, as well as the fulfilment of their human rights. It has been celebrated since 2012, launched by the UN general assembly. Specific issues focused on include: equality, child marriage, education, gender-based violence and more.
This year's theme for International Day of the Girl Child is "GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable". What if we replaced "GirlForce" with "Life"? Does this also work? It is important to note that life implies no gender and no gender restrictions. Girls and boys, like life, are "Unscripted and Unstoppable". This chosen theme successfully accentuates the equality of gender which exists, and the strength that both genders possess, which is often ignored or overlooked.

Celebrating at Prime Trust

Organised by our project manager, Ragu, the children from our Evening Tuition classes and Janani Home attended an invaluable awareness celebration. Speeches were made by Ragu, as well as two guest speakers from our local university. After these fantastic, informative an educational speeches, some of the girls also shared their thoughts on the topic, and showed their appreciation to Prime Trust for the opportunities that they have been given in life.

It could be said that every day at Prime Trust is a Day of the Girl Child. Everyday our organisation recognises the help that is required, and seeks to present opportunities to those in need. Janani Home for Girls is a model example of how we can attempt to achieve gender equality across the world. It is also on days such as this that we would like to stop and thank those providing our organisation with child sponsorships. This support has an invaluable impact, and it is heart-warming to know that there are many more people in the world who believe in this tremendous cause; people who recognise the importance of an education, a safe home, good healthcare and a supportive family for girls.

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