Monday, September 30, 2019

Exams are Finished... Let's Dance!

The girls at Janani Home have been working hard every morning and evening, revising for their exams. The support that they have for one another is fantastic to see, and it paid off! There may have been a few grumbles here and there, but they are all proud of themselves and each other. The staff at Prime Trust and our sponsors are especially proud, and treated the girls to a cinema trip for all of their hard work.

The girls have regained their energy, and are in high spirits during their holiday week. Some of our generous sponsors brought round a noodle feast for the girls. But before food... a party! The girls were bursting with energy (even hyper in some cases) and brought a smile to everyone's face with their wonderful dancing. Any chance to play their favourite tunes and have a boogie, they will take it. 

Distribution of Kabasura decoction to the people of Amma Koil Sathiram, Villianur, Puducherry

On Wednesday the 29 th April, the Kabasura decoction was distributed to 150 people at Amma Koil Sathiram at Villianur, Puducherry. ...